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To maintain the visual appeal and cleanliness of your swimming pool, it may be a good idea to consider having your swimming pool painted. Not only does painting your pool provide aesthetic appeal, but it can also extend the lifetime of your pool.

Benefits of Pool Painting

  • Durability. Pool paint is engineered to handle underwater use and is durable against pool chemicals and extreme water temperatures.
  • Easy prep time. Our professionals know the importance of proper preparation before painting can begin. The pool must be properly drained and cleaned before the painting process can begin. Our professionals will degrease the pool floor and walls, which will provide an optimal bondage between the walls and paint.
  • Simple application. The application process is fairly simple for painting a pool. We will thoroughly mix the paint and apply the first coat using special rollers. The wait time for the first coat to dry is only 4-6 hours, then we will apply the second coat. Three to seven days later, the pool will be ready to fill.
  • Beautiful appearance. Pool paint is shiny and reflective, which can give your pool a cleaner look. We will also work with you to help you decide which paint will be optimal for your pool.

Swimming Pool Painting Preparation

Scheduling the job. When deciding when to paint your pool, try to avoid days of the year when temperatures are extremely hot or cold. You also want to make sure to avoid rain if possible. Air that is too humid will also slow paint drying, which can cause unwanted blistering and peeling. The best time to consider scheduling your pool painting project would be spring, early summer, or fall. We’ll work with you to schedule your project based on the area’s weather forecasts and the predicted humidity.

Surface Preparation. This is one of the most important steps for a successful pool painting project. Your pool’s floor and wall surfaces must be completely cleaned and dried before any paint can be applied.

For bare concrete pools, all cracks and holes must be repaired before painting. For previously painted pools that need to be repainted, our professionals will sandblast the floor and walls of your pool, after the pool is drained, to remove any excess paint.

Selecting swimming pool paint. The right type of paint will ultimately save you money in the long run. You will want a paint that is resistant to harsh pool chemicals, moisture, staining, and harmful ultraviolet light. Our experts will help you choose a paint based on the climate, location, and size of your pool.

Our swimming pool painting experts have the tools and equipment to effectively paint the surface of your pool, resulting in a clean, smooth look. It is important to get a good bond between the pool wall and paint so that blisters, peeling, or flaking doesn’t ensue. To do this, we will apply the first coat to fill surface voids that will give our second coat a strong adhesion and smooth finish.

Ready to Get Started?

Royal Pool & Spa has the painters, the equipment, and the knowledge to correctly prepare and paint your pool the first time without any problems. Our service vans are supplied with all the necessary parts and equipment for your pool opening. We will get any job done on site, so you don’t have to worry if any repairs or replacements arise.

The professionals at Royal Pool & Spa will follow all necessary steps and precautions to ensure your pool painting project is executed without delay. Call us at 651-779-7606 for a free cost estimate for our swimming pool painting services.

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