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Tile & Brick Coping

Pool Tile Brick Coping

Tile and brick coping can provide a great addition to any backyard pool design, however, if your tile or brick is damaged or failing, consider the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa to repair or replace any of your swimming pool coping. Our professionals have the expertise to install or replace various pool tile or brick options to fit your design preferences.

Pool coping, the brick, stone, or tile material that caps the lip of the pool wall, can sometimes crack or pop off. In these instances, a pool coping repair should happen sooner rather than later. Cracks can cause water to seep into and under the pool tiles or bricks, which can cause damage to the base layer of the coping. Breaks and chips in the coping can also be a safety hazard for any pool users.

Tile Coping Renovations

Whether your tile runs along the exterior of your pool or down into your pool’s depths, necessary renovations will likely arise. Our experts cannot only handle swimming pool coping repairs and renovations, but any type of tile renovations. If you have small, simple chips in your tile, repairs, and replacements aren’t as immediate as more serious tile issues.

Your pool tile may need to be repaired, replaced, or cleaned if:

  • The tile is falling off. This could be the result of bond failure of the mud originally used to install the tile. A “popped” tile could be the result of not having caulk between the coping and the deck, allowing water to be able to run behind the tile and freeze.
  • The tile is cracked. This can be caused from freezing surface water pressing against the tile. Small cracks may only require simple repairs, but larger cracks could become a hazard and need to be replaced.
  • The tile has white deposits. Mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium can leach into your pool from the grout or the setting mud, creating a white deposit on the tile surface. A simple acid wash or bead blasting should be able to remove these white deposits.
  • The tile is dirty. If your pool tile is dull or dirtier than when it was installed, consider our acid wash services to get it back to its original shine. Do not use a household cleaner, as it could do more damage to your pool tile.

A good thing to keep in mind is that tile is not normally able to be installed in vinyl pools. It can be added with a special hanger piece, but pool owners tend to stray away from this look. However, tile can easily be installed in fiberglass and concrete pools with ease.

Brick Coping Renovations

Coping around your pool is subject to damage at any time due to heavy use and harsh winters. Damages happen because weather conditions become aggressive, causing the pool water to pull important minerals out of the surface of the pool and into the coping, eroding the surface. Be sure to constantly watch for signs of damaged brick coping, because the sooner damages are detected, the easier the repairs will be.

Your pool coping may need to be repaired or replaced if:

  • Coping stones are loose. This could be due to the fact that bricks or stones have been incorrectly caulked or not caulked at all. It could also be an issue with the pool deck resting against the coping (which it should not do), forcing the coping to push away from the deck when it needs to expand.
  • Mortar joints between coping stones are crumbling. Crumbling could be the result of chemical issues with the mortar, causing it to break down. Cracking, large or small, can allow water to seep under your bricks and freeze during the winter.
    The stones or bricks are cracked. This could be from natural deterioration over time or harsh winter freezes. Cracked stones can be a safety hazard for pool users and need to be replaced.

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When we come to your home, rest assured our service vans are supplied with all the necessary parts and equipment for your tile or brick coping renovation. We will get any job done on site, so you don’t have to worry if any repairs or replacements arise.

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