Swimming Pool Maintenance In The Twin Cities

Being able to enjoy the comforts and amenities of a swimming pool is why residents are turning to backyard swimming pool installations. However, owning a swimming pool comes with constant maintenance, whether it be cleaning the pool or checking equipment for possible damages. It can be one of the more time-consuming tasks of keeping a swimming pool in top-notch condition, and not necessarily what residential pool owners want to be doing during their precious summer months. At Royal Pool & Spa, we offer routine maintenance services for our residential customers for the entire swimming season.

Our Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Include:

  • Maintenance Schedules. Whether you require weekly, or bi-weekly maintenance, Royal Pool & Spa can handle it. Our weekly and bi-weekly pool maintenance includes pool and surrounding area cleanings, chemical testings, filter cleanings, and more. We will also come to your home once a year to not only conduct thorough cleanings on your pool equipment, we will also check the safety of the equipment and other features such as the diving board and fence gates.
  • Chemical Deliveries. At Royal Pool & Spa we’ll bring the pool chemicals to you. Don’t waste your time this summer shopping for pool chemicals when you should be enjoying your pool. We will deliver any chemicals necessary for your swimming pool system, and you can guarantee your pool chemicals will be fresh upon delivery.

Contact Us For Our Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

At Royal Pool & Spa, we follow all necessary guidelines and best practices to ensure your routine swimming pool maintenance is completed on time and on budget. Our specially-trained pool experts have the knowledge and expertise to perform successful and quality maintenance on any part of your swimming pool.

Call us at 651-779-7606 for details regarding our swimming pool maintenance services and for a free cost estimate.