Residential Pool Repair Services

Owning your own personal swimming pool is a great way to enjoy warm, summer days in the sun. It also gives you immediate access to ways to get exercise and stay healthy. However, over time, various maintenance will need to take place to keep your pool in its best shape. If your pool equipment begins to wear out or break, let the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa handle all of your repair and replacement needs.

Our Pool Repair and Replacement Services

  • Heater Repair or Replacement. Not all Minnesota summers are exceptionally hot, so you may decide a pool heater is the best option for keeping your swimming pool water warm. Depending on how often the heater is used, it can last anywhere from 4-12 years, however, there is a chance maintenance repairs will be required over time.
  • Pool Pump Repair or Replacement. The pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool, constantly pulling and pushing water through the intricate filtration system. Over time, your pool pump could begin to leak, not move water, not stay primed, or not even start at all. We can diagnose any issues and fix the problems or install a brand new pump.
  • Filter System Repair or Replacement. Whether you have a D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filter, a sand filter, or a cartridge filter, our pool experts have conducted repairs or overall replacements on all kinds. Each filter cleans your water in a very specialized way, meaning professionals should be in charge of their maintenance whenever issues arise.
  • Motor Repair or Replacement. Your pool’s pump would not be able to work without a properly working motor. It’s important that professionals handle your motor replacement should it eventually burn out. An exact match to the old one is necessary, otherwise, it will not run properly.
  • Chemical Feeder Repair or Replacement. Whether you have a tablet chlorine feeder or a liquid chlorine feeder, our experts have experience repairing both. If an issue arises with your chemical feeder, do not try to fix the issue on your own, as the harsh chemicals can be potentially dangerous.
  • Salt System Installation. Over time, salt systems can develop clogs and buildup from chemical deposits. Therefore, it requires routine cleaning and maintenance to keep it running optimally.
  • Complete Replumbs. Some issues that may arise with your swimming pool plumbing could be suction side leaks, pressure side leaks, and underground leaks. Various natural or initial installation issues can be the cause of broken pool plumbing.
  • Automation Services. Swimming pool automation systems give pool owners complete, centralized control over all of their pool equipment and features at the touch of a button. However, as with any technology, your pool automation system can glitch or malfunction for various reasons. Whether you need automation repairs or a new system installation, Royal Pool & Spa handle it all.
  • Auto Cover Services. An automatic pool cover can improve pool safety, lower pool owners’ energy costs, and provide a more convenient pool maintenance experience.
  • Mesh Safety Cover Services. Mesh pool covers are a popular choice for pool owners because during the winter months, it is the less-likely option for damage and water collection. However, over time, it may experience small tears or bend springs, which call for immediate repair.
  • Underwater Lighting. Several options exist for underwater pool lighting, such as LED lighting, halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs, or even fiber optic lighting. These fun pool features don’t normally require much maintenance, however, when the occasional bulb burns out or you are experiencing electrical issues, our experts will be able to fix any problems to get your underwater lighting working like new.

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For over 30 years, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa have been completing hundreds of pool equipment repairs and replacements for our residential pool customers. We will come to your home with our fully supplied service vans, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to complete any of your repair or replacement needs.

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