Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh safety covers are a popular feature for pool owners for a variety of reasons. From protecting your loved ones to allowing easy maintenance, mesh pool covers are the ideal choice for any pool. However, natural wear and tear can occur after years of use. Harsh winters involving large amounts of ice can also greatly damage a mesh pool cover. Because ice is so heavy, older, worn-out pool covers are at a greater risk of damage.

Signs of damage to your mesh pool cover:

  • Bent or stretched out cover springs
  • Broken cover anchors that surround the pool
  • Ripped mesh panels
  • Ripped cover straps
  • Small holes from stuck ice during the winter

Mesh Pool Cover Replacement/Installation

Benefits of mesh safety covers:

  • Easy-drain material. Whether you’ve installed your mesh safety cover for while you are out of town or for the entire off season, it has the ability to withstand heavy amounts of rain and snowfall. No longer worry about rain or snow to damage your safety pool cover; the woven mesh design allows melting snow and rain to seep through the cover and into the pool.
  • Enhanced safety. Pool covers are incredibly important in ensuring the safety of your loved ones and the pool. During the offseason, they can prevent large debris and animals from falling into the pool as well as any other unwanted access.
  • Weather resistant. The mesh design of these safety covers allows for a strong, yet flexible hold over your pool. The tiny holes in the mesh give the material a little wiggle room, making extreme, weather-related tears a thing of the past.
  • Easy maintenance. Mesh pool covers are, by far, the easiest pool covers to maintain. You won’t need a pesky pump to clear your cover from winter water, and when the cover is dry, any leaves can be easily blown off by the wind.

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