Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

Your pool’s pump is the centerpiece of the entire swimming pool system. It works by pulling water from any suction ports in your pool (the skimmer and main drain), and pushing it through the filter and back through the pool returns. Over time, the complex inner workings of a pool pump can wear and tear, requiring repair or an overall pump replacement.

Causes for Swimming Pool Pump Failure:

  • Dirt and debris piled around the motor, restricting airflow into the system
  • Freeze damage from improper winterization
  • Air leaks into pump, around the pump lid, or at the pool
  • Storm water flooding the pump or the ground surrounding the pump
  • Obstructed water flow (closed valves, clogged lines, clogged impeller, clogged pipes)

Common Pool Pump Problems:

  • Pump is leaking. Cracked or deformed pump parts are usually the cause of leaking water. Inspect your pool pump for any cracks or holes, and we’ll replace them on site.
  • Pump is not moving water. An obstruction in the suction line or the line collapsing is usually the cause of your pump not moving water. Collapsed lines need to be re-plumbed and are usually associated with poly piping or flex line.
  • Pump will not start. If your pump is making a humming noise and will not start, there could be a block in the impeller. This issue could also rest with a bad capacitor or an issue with the pump motor. It can be difficult to determine the cause of this issue on your own, so call on the experts at Royal Pool & Spa to repair any necessary issues with your pool pump.
  • Pump will not stay primed. There are many reasons why your pump may be malfunctioning and not staying primed. The experts at Royal Pool & Spa will be able to determine the cause of your pool pump not staying primed and get it fixed quickly and safely.

It is important to routinely check for the signs of possible swimming pool pump failure. The sooner you notice any issues with your pool pump, the more quickly the pump can be repaired or replaced. Our service professionals will evaluate your pump to and diagnose the issue on the spot. We can fix single speed or variable speed pumps or help you determine if it’s time for an overall replacement.

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If it seems you are having issues with your pool pump, the problem could be caused by the pump itself or a malfunctioning or broken motor (a part of the pool pump). At Royal Pool & Spa, we have the capabilities to not only conduct pool pump repairs and replacements, but also motor repairs and replacements.

Rest assured, our service vans are supplied with all the necessary parts and equipment for any project. We will get any job done on site, so you don’t have to worry if any unexpected repairs or replacements arise.

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