Closing your swimming pool is vital to ensuring your pool and its parts and equipment do not break during the offseason (winter). At Royal Pool & Spa, we will follow all the necessary steps and procedures to ensure your swimming pool closing is done with care. We not only want to keep your pool safe from possible winter damage, but we also want to make your swimming pool opening the next season as quick and easy as possible.

Steps to a Successful Swimming Pool Closing

  • Balance the water chemistry. Covering your pool for the winter without properly winterizing your water can lead to unwanted issues during your spring pool opening the next season. It is recommended that you ensure proper chemical balance prior to your closing appointment. Proper chemicals and chemical doses are essential for keeping the closed and stagnant pool water clear during the time it is closed.
  • Clean the pool. The pool should be as clean as possible before closing to help prevent mold and mildew from building up during the offseason. 
  • Lower the pool’s water level. While you don’t want a full pool during the offseason, you also don’t want to have your pool completely drained, either. Winter pool covers are relatively heavy, and without the assistance of water holding it up, the cover could be damaged or destroyed as snow or other debris can collect on its surface. Our experts will determine the necessary water level for your pool based on the type of pool cover you have while making your pool closing appointment.
  • Drain the pumping, filtering, heating, and chlorinating equipment. All of your pool equipment must be drained so it doesn’t freeze and crack during the cold, winter months.
  • Winterize the pool’s plumbing. Our specially trained experts will winterize your pool’s plumbing by blowing out the lines from the skimmer, through the equipment, then back to the pool. We will also add antifreeze into the plumbing lines to avoid frozen pipes and equipment in the winter.
  • Cover the pool. Your pool cover will be the last step in your swimming pool closing. This step is important to keep your family, pets, and other wildlife safe during the time your pool is closed.

Remember, the more preparation taken during the swimming pool closing will result in a relatively smooth opening in the spring and can save you money in the long run. Improper winterization can result in the need to drain and clean the pool in the spring, which can become costly.

Contact Us for Your Swimming Pool Closing

When we come to your home for your annual swimming pool closing, rest assured our service vans are fully equipped with all the necessary tools, parts, and accessories to ensure a smooth winterization.

Call on our experts at 651-779-7606 for more information and to receive a free estimate for your swimming pool closings and our other pool and spa services.