Whether your backyard pool area has started looking a little drab or you want to add personal style and flair, unique upgrades and renovations will give you a beautiful finish while protecting your investment.

It can feel intimidating to get started, so the Royal Pool & Spa team is here with some of our experts' favorite additions.

Incorporate Automation

Automation is all the rage, and when it comes to pools, investing in a control system removes the worry about care and maintenance and gives you more time to enjoy your space. From heat pump integration to automatic pool covers, these extra additions can be controlled from the palm of your hand by any device via an app for a streamlined and easy experience.

Add Some Flare with Underwater Lighting

Customized pool lighting can help create certain moods, and adding an underwater system to the walls or surface can give you a sleek design to help enhance the entire space. Incorporate different effects or mood-enhancing shades to help foster a sense of relaxation, improve nighttime visibility, or highlight different architectural features of the pool.

Revamp Your Decking

A pristine pool deck creates a gorgeous ambiance that helps your outdoor space look fantastic. Aside from enhanced functionality and beauty, updating your decking gives you a modernized look and will improve the area's safety, especially if you have damage like cracks and chips that need resurfacing.

Revitalize it with Acid Washing

Over time, your pool will take damage from residue build-up and wear and tear, and maybe you're dealing with streaks or spots that have grown larger and are now too large to ignore.

While some chemical products might help to remove them, if you're dealing with discoloration that isn't cutting it, acid washing can help restore it by removing algae growth, scale build-up, and mineral stains and helping to restore the natural beauty and elegance you love.

High-Quality Pool Services in the Twin Cities

These are just a few great options for remodeling and upgrading your pool area, and if yours looks worse for wear, the Royal Pool & Spa team is here to help! For over 25 years, our family-owned company has specialized in pool repair and spa maintenance services that our Twin Cities customers know and trust.

Experience the difference with our trained professionals by calling us at 651-779-7606 or requesting a quote online today.