At Royal Pool & Spa, one of the services that we offer is automatic pool cover installation. An automatic pool cover automatically rolls out and covers your pool with the touch of a button.

If you do not yet have one, we strongly suggest that you learn the benefits that go along with installing one. This can help you learn whether you should install one over your pool or not. Here are a few of the benefits of automatic pool covers.                   

Easy to Use

An automatic pool cover's biggest benefit is that it is easy to use. If you have ever tried to cover your pool yourself, you know that the task is not easy. You have to roll a cover over your pool, tie it down and hold down the corners, and hope that the wind doesn't blow while you are doing so. 

Covering your pool with nothing but your brute strength can be a tedious task and a huge hassle. But with an automatic pool cover, you barely need to lift a finger — the cover just rolls out on its own, providing optimal protection with almost zero effort.  

Less Pool Maintenance

Another benefit of an automatic pool cover is that it reduces the necessary pool maintenance. When you have a regular cover, you are not going to cover your pool every night because it is such a hassle. Instead, you'll likely only cover it when the pool will not be in use for some time. 

This limited cover usage can expose your pool to dirt and other elements requiring you to clean your pool and add more chemicals to the water more often. An automatic pool cover requires little effort; you'll be more likely to cover your pool even when it'll only sit unused for a few hours at a time. 

When you cover your pool more often, you automatically reduce the number of contaminants that can enter the water, thereby reducing the amount of pool maintenance you need to perform. 

Energy Efficiency

Another benefit to an automatic pool cover is that it can increase the energy efficiency of your pool. Because a covered pool stays cleaner, it doesn't need to be filtered for as long as a pool that sees more exposure to the elements.

Although a pool filter is necessary, running one for a long period can increase your energy bill dramatically. And charging or operating a pool vacuum, which is another necessity, can further increase your electricity costs.  

Using a pool cover more often can help minimize the time you have to use the filtration system. The less you use the system, the more you extend the filter's lifespan and decrease overall energy usage, reducing overall electricity costs. 

Water Conservation

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, simple evaporation is responsible for up to 70% of the water loss in the average pool. Depending on the weather, your pool might see up to a quarter-inch of water loss per day just from evaporation! 

When it's super hot and sunny outside, you'll see the most water loss, and since those weather conditions are common during summer, you may have to top up your pool's water levels frequently. While it's impossible to prevent your pool from losing any water, an automatic pool cover can significantly reduce the amount of water loss your pool experiences.

Since you'll be more likely to regularly cover the pool with a cover that doesn't require considerable time and hassle to apply, you can cut down your pool's water evaporation by as much as 95%.  

Improved Safety

If you own a pool, chances are you know the risk of leaving it uncovered, especially when children are around. An automatic pool cover offers more safety to your pool.

It should be noted that a swimming pool is in no way a replacement for adult supervision, but it does offer a bit more safety since there's a layer of protection between loved ones and the deep water in the pool. If you want to make sure the automatic pool cover is up to safety standards, you'll want to check out the ASTM Standard F1346-91 guidelines.

Apart from keeping a layer of protection between loved ones and the water, staying on top of maintenance services like cleaning, sanitation, and ensuring the PH balance is correct can all contribute to a healthier experience in the water.

For higher traffic or commercial properties, reducing accessibility and adding features like fences, gates, and locking mechanisms can lower the risk of someone being injured and create a liability headache! 

Extended Pool Seasons

As the seasons change, you may not be ready to give up your backyard pool area just yet, and extending the season might be at the top of your list.

Even if the temperature is still warm, debris, twigs, and leaves can clog up the system as autumn approaches. An automatic pool cover helps reduce the amount of buildup in the water and works as an insulator to keep the water at a more consistent temperature as the cooler weather sets in.

Other Pool Upgrades You Will Love 

Automatic pool covers are an excellent investment, and a few ways to make the pool area more luxurious include:

  • Improving its aesthetics and your property's value with a liner replacement.

  • Adding in ambiance and a modern feeling with underwater lighting.

  • Investing in your health and lowering your maintenance with the saltwater pool system.

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