At Royal Pool & Spa, one of the services that we offer is the installation of automatic pool covers. An automatic pool cover automatically rolls out and covers your pool with the touch of a button. If do not yet have one, we strongly suggest that you learn the benefits that go along with installing one. This can help you learn whether you should install one over your pool or not. Here are a few of the benefits of automatic pool covers.


Easy to Use

The biggest benefit to an automatic pool cover is that they are easy to use. If you have ever tried to cover your pool yourself, you know that the task is not easy. You have to roll a cover over your pool, tie down and hold down corners, and hope that the wind doesn't blow while you are doing so. It can be a tedious task and it can be a hassle. With an automatic pool cover, the cover rolls out over your pool, so you don't have to do anything.


Less Pool Maintenance

Another benefit to an automatic pool cover is that they reduce the amount of pool maintenance you need. When you have a regular cover, you are not going to cover your pool every night because it is such a hassle. Instead, you will only cover it when the pool will not be in use for some time. This leaves it exposed to dirt and other elements that require you to clean your pool and add in more chemicals more often. An automatic pool cover is so easy to use, you will always cover your pool when it is not in use, reducing your pool maintenance needs.


Energy Efficiency

The last benefit to an automatic pool cover is that they increase the energy efficiency of your pool. Because your pool is cleaner, it needs to be filtered for less time. Running a pool filter and vacuum can increase your energy bill dramatically. Using a pool cover more often can help minimize the amount of time you have to use the filtration system, which extends the filters lifespan and saves you money on energy costs.


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