If your fiberglass or concrete pool is not properly cared for, it can turn green, yellow or black. Unfortunately, when this occurs, the walls of your pool may be discolored or stained. No matter how hard you try to scrub the walls of the pool or no matter what chemical cleaners you use, the stains remain. This means that your pool that should be crystal clear, looks discolored. Fortunately, you do not have to live with this. At Royal Pool & Spa, we offer pool acid washing. The acid eats away at the stains, removing them for good. Here is some information you should know if you need this services.


What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing involves completely draining the pool and then spraying it down with hydrochloric acid. The acid may be mixed with other chemicals depending on what caused the staining in your pool. The acid will sit on the surface of the pool for a bit before a professional begins to scrub it. The process of spraying and scrubbing is repeated until all of the stains have lifted from the pool.


When is Pool Acid Washing Needed?

Pool acid washing is generally needed when a pool is not properly maintained for some time. Most often, acid washing is needed when people have not properly had their pools winterized, when algae has been left to grow out of control, or when people walked away from foreclosed homes and left water to sit indefinitely in the pool. However, pool acid washing may also be done to remove stains that are caused by hard water, discoloration from improper use of chemicals or to restore concrete and tiles that have faded due to years of sun exposure.


Can a Homeowner Acid Wash a Pool Themselves?

A homeowner should never attempt to acid wash a pool themselves. First off, the chemicals are strong. They can create breathing problems or skin burning if improperly mixed and used. Second, they can be damaging to a pool if they are not properly mixed, applied and neutralized once the pool is cleaned. This is a task that should always be left to the professional, like Royal Pool & Spa.


If your pool is dirty and stained, acid washing can help to bring your pool back to life. Royal Pool & Spa can help to acid wash your pool, ensuring everything is properly cleaned. If you are looking to have your pool cleaned, or are looking for other pool services, such as pool repair services, pool maintenance, pool automation services, installation of automated or safety covers and pool opening or closing services, turn to us. Fill out this form today to receive a free quote for acid washing or the other pool services you are in need of.