Whether you purchased a home that already had an in-ground swimming pool or recently completed a custom pool installation, chances are you ended up with a pool because you wanted to have fun in the sun. But somehow, even while you enjoy your pool, that fabulous addition to your family backyard has turned into an unending chore.

Routine pool maintenance is no easy task, and that’s why many pool owners prefer to leave the job to the pros. If you want to take back your time so you can spend it actually enjoying your investment, you should seriously consider doing the same.

At Royal Pool & Spa, we provide comprehensive swimming pool maintenance and can set you up with a weekly or biweekly service schedule according to your needs. If you’re tired of fighting to keep your pool clean and clear, check out what we can do for you below!

Leave the Endless Skimming and Vacuuming to your Pool Pros

Sometimes, it feels like you live in a forest with all the leaves and pollen found in Minnesota. When you own a pool, this means you are always skimming debris. At the height of the hot season, it seems like the bottom is constantly cloudy from dirt tracked in by the kids. Scheduling a once-per-week cleaning ensures your pool is always sparkling and clean.

Protect Your Family's Health with Routine Water Testing and Treatment

How many times a year are you supposed to test your pool water? How many times did it actually get done last year? Every time you skip this vital chore, you put your friends and family at risk of contracting a water-borne illness. When you hire Royal Pool & Spa, our techs will make sure your chlorine and pH levels are maintained for both a clean and healthy pool.

Extend the Life of Your Pumps and Filters with Weekly Service

Chances are you simply don't have the time to do all the cleaning of the pool or regularly check the filters and fittings on your pump. When maintenance is skipped, your expensive pool equipment is more likely to suffer premature failure.

A weekly cleaning service will take the time to check on the mechanical systems, suggest replacement filters as needed, and advise you when repairs are in order. Ultimately, having a pro keep a close on your pool’s mechanical components will allow you and your family to enjoy the pool for many additional years.

Spend all Your Extra Time Playing in the Pool

Finally, you get to hold that epic pool party this weekend instead of wasting your Saturday by cleaning out the pool. How nice would it be to enjoy an afternoon sipping your favorite beverage while reading a book on your favorite float? That is why you had the pool installed—so you could take advantage of the fleeting Minnesota summer season, not work through it.

How Often Do You Need Swimming Pool Maintenance?

If you use your pool daily or near-daily during the summer, it’ll likely require cleaning, vacuuming, water testing, and chemical balancing on a weekly basis.

Even if you don’t use your pool frequently, it may require weekly service, especially if it’s not enclosed, as the water can accumulate considerable outdoor debris in a matter of days. That debris can quickly fill your pool’s skimmer basket, and if it doesn’t get manually emptied, it can negatively affect the functionality of the pool pump. Algae can also grow quite quickly in an unprotected pool, but routine maintenance will keep that in check, too. 

To figure out an ideal maintenance schedule for your pool, consult with a pool maintenance pro. The pros have the experience to determine just how often your pool should be cleaned and serviced and can set you up with a schedule that works for your needs and budget.

Benefits of Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance

Although you can certainly try to DIY your pool maintenance, hiring the pros can offer you many benefits, the most notable of which is professional expertise and years of experience. Pool maintenance experts know how to identify budding problems that you should be aware of long before they cause serious issues. That means you’ll know about those problems well enough in advance to handle the appropriate repairs or component replacements, so your pool remains as efficient and functional as possible.  

For more excellent reasons you should consider hiring the pros, check out Advantages of Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Over DIY.

Schedule Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Near White Bear Lake, MN

Ready to leave your pool maintenance to the pros? Then get in touch with our team at Royal Pool & Spa! We can help you determine an appropriate maintenance schedule for your pool and take a look at your pool’s components to make sure they’re all in good working order. Call our White Bear Lake, MN office today at (651) 779-7606 to learn more about our maintenance service and get your schedule set up!