If your pool is not prepared for the hard Minnesota winters, then you could be facing some damage due to sub-freezing temperatures. Below is our guide to help you winterize your pool and keep it preserved throughout the winter season.


Everything Starts with Maintenance

For your pool to stay in excellent condition year after year, it’s important to hire one of our technicians to perform routine maintenance. Our maintenance checklist includes the following:


●        Pool cleaning

●        Check pH, chlorine, and alkaline levels

●        Adding special chemicals

●        Cleaning the pool filter

●        Saturation Index Tests


Does Your Pool Need In-Depth Repairs?

Beyond basic maintenance, we may find that your pool could use a few repairs. For instance, are there any cracks along the surface? Freezing temperatures can turn small cracks or chips into much larger ones. In addition to the pool surface, we can also make sure that other items are in good condition. These items may include:


●        Heater

●        Pump

●        Filter system

●        Motor

●        Chemical feeder

●        Underwater lighting


Install a Proper Pool Cover

Without a cover, a pool is vulnerable to the outside elements and freezing temperatures. We can install an automatic cover that will protect your entire pool from snow, ice, hard winds, and debris from trees and bushes. With an automatic pool cover, you’ll find that you don’t need to use your pool heater as often. It’s a far more energy-efficient solution.


Is Your Current Mesh Pool Cover Damaged?

If you already have a pool cover, then you’ll want to make sure it’s in good condition. Royal Pool & Spa can assess your mesh pool cover to determine if it is still usable during the winter months. In some cases the cover may be repairable. If it’s too costly to repair or can’t be repaired, however, then we recommend a total replacement. Mesh covers are weather resistant and provide a solid cover for your entire pool. They are flexible enough to keep from tearing, but rigid enough to withstand Minnesota winters.


Royal Pool & Spa Can Winterize Your Pool

From part replacement and repairs to routine maintenance and pool cover installation, you can count on Royal Pool & Spa to help you prepare your pool for the cold season. We provide a wide range of services and products for both residential and commercial property owners across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us today at 651-779-7606 and request a free estimate. We are your pool experts!