Have you noticed the walls of your pool look dingy? Are phosphates or persistent algae making the water appear dirtier than usual? Or, has your in-ground pool morphed into more of a swamp? Regardless of what’s causing the black lagoon in your backyard, you know something must be done, and routine maintenance just won’t suffice. If this sounds like you, it may be time for an acid wash from the pool pros at Royal Pool & Spa. While acid washing isn’t something you’ll want to request on a regular basis, the procedure can help tremendously if your pool has passed the point of no return. Below, we discuss how our acid wash service can bring your pool back to life.


What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing is a chemical treatment designed to remove grime and algae buildup from the walls of your pool. Also referred to as a “drain and clean,” an acid wash is a far more intense pool cleaning than your regular weekly service. Here’s how we do it:


●        Drain. Our technicians use a pump to drain the water from your pool. This gives us full access to the interior walls.

●        Apply Chemicals. Our technicians spray the walls of your pool with a highly concentrated, abrasive acid mixture to dissolve any buildup.

●        Scrub. After we don the appropriate safety gear, we thoroughly scrub the walls of your pool with the acid mixture to fully remove all buildup.

●        Rinse. Once the walls are completely clean, we rinse the interior of your pool (several times, if necessary), and refill it with clean water and the appropriate chemicals.


While you can try performing a do-it-yourself acid wash, we don’t recommend it. As the name implies, this procedure involves very caustic materials—so caustic, in fact, that you can damage your pool without proper training. And, if you fail to handle these substances properly, you may end up damaging your airways or even enduring moderate to severe chemical burns. Rather than risk harming yourself or damaging the walls of your pool, it’s always best to hire professionals to perform the procedure.


How Does Acid Washing Improve My Pool?

An acid wash is designed to strip away the outermost layer of your pool’s walls, and with that layer, any phosphate or algae buildup. Over time, even with regular maintenance, your pool can develop persistent algae that no longer responds to regular chemical treatment. When this occurs, an acid wash is often the only procedure that can restore your pool to a healthy state. After we perform this service, you’ll notice a striking improvement in your pool’s aesthetic, along with greater ease in maintaining clear, appealing water.


When Should I Acid Wash My Pool?

At Royal Pool & Spa, we recommend requesting an acid wash approximately every five years. However, your circumstances dictate the frequency of treatment. If your pool seems to grow algae overnight, despite regular pool maintenance, this stripping method may be necessary. You might also elect an acid wash if you plan to sell your home soon and would simply like to remove stains or mineral buildup from the wall of your pool.


As a rule of thumb, if you can see the bottom of your pool in the shallow end, you’ll more than likely be able to fix the appearance with regular cleaning, chemicals, and filtering. When you can no longer see the floor of your pool, however, throwing more chemicals in the water probably won’t help. In fact, you may end up spending more on the combined cost of chemicals and labor than you would on an acid wash service.


Professional Pool Repair & Maintenance in the Twin Cities

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