Have you started the process of opening your pool? Were you less than thrilled when you pulled back the cover? During our notoriously harsh Minnesota winters, it’s not uncommon for pools to suffer damage, especially if the closing process was not performed correctly.


At Royal Pool & Spa, we’re here to let you know that with a few minor renovations, your pool can still be up and running in time for summer! Below, we’ve outlined simple, yet effective renovations that can help bring your pool back to life.


Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

If your swimming pool has a vinyl liner, it’s bound to break down over time. Worse, freezing temperatures are notorious for causing liner damage. When you combine normal wear and tear and winter-related damage, the end result isn’t pretty. Signs you’re due for a swimming pool liner replacement include:


●        Misaligned material. The top edge of your pool liner sits within a track that’s designed to lock the material in place. Over time, however, the liner can shift from its normal position, causing it to detach from the track. This is not an issue you should attempt to remedy as the job typically requires a considerable amount of manpower.


If your pool liner shifted during winter, but it’s still in great condition, our renovation specialists can reposition it. If there’s existing damage, however, we recommend opting for a full liner replacement.


●        Leaks & cracks. Though vinyl pool liners are highly durable, they can certainly suffer punctures from heavy ice sheets, among other things. If your pool liner contains cracks or leaks, it’s in your best interest to replace it promptly.


●        Fading or general deterioration. UV rays and pool chemicals inevitably cause a certain degree of liner fading. However, if the liner is significantly discolored or appears considerably worn, the only way to improve the appearance of your pool is with a complete liner replacement.


Tile & Brick Coping

Because water expands as it freezes, winter’s constant freeze-thaw cycle can do some serious damage to your pool tiles and bricks over time. Cracked pool tiles, deteriorating caulking, and bond failure between the tile and the concrete are common issues. If you’ve noticed damage to your pool coping, repairs may be possible. However, if you have severe cracks or missing tiles or bricks, you’ve got a safety hazard on your hands.


If you’re dealing with minor damage, our tile and brick coping specialists can quickly repair it. For more severe damage, we can renovate your pool will aesthetic new coping.


Complete Replumb

Are you worried ice caused your pool plumbing to crack? A leaking pool is a serious issue, which should only be handled by a trained professional. If you believe your pool has sprung a leak, we can inspect each component of the plumbing system for damage. If we determine the issue is past the point of repair, we can perform a complete swimming pool replumb to ensure your pool functions flawlessly all summer long. 


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