How long has your existing vinyl pool liner been in place? Five years? Perhaps longer? All vinyl pool liners require replacement at regular intervals, but the way you use your pool and more importantly, the way you maintain it, will determine just how long your liner lasts. 


Somewhere between the liner’s fifth and 10th birthday, you’ll likely notice preliminary signs of normal wear and tear. At that point, you should keep an eye out for the following warning signs that indicate the need for swimming pool liner replacement.


Clearly Visible Wrinkles

When a vinyl pool liner is brand new, it should fit your in-ground pool like a glove. Over time, though, wrinkles can develop as a result of:


●        Improper water pH

●        Underground water

●        Loss of pool water

●        Pool chemicals repeatedly making direct contact with the liner

●        Incorrect installation


In many cases, wrinkles aren’t cause for serious concern as a knowledgeable pool repair specialist can smooth them out. If you continually deal with wrinkles, though, you may have an improperly sized liner, which will need to be replaced. 


Significant Color Fading

When you notice your vinyl pool liner has faded significantly, it’s time to seriously consider replacing it. While these liners come with built-in UV inhibitors, over time, pool chemicals and UV rays will cause gradual fading.


As the liner dulls, it doesn’t just lose its natural color; it also loses plasticizers, which are designed to keep it pliable. As a result, the liner becomes more brittle, and a stiff, hard liner cannot contract and expand according to its design.


Off-Track Liner Beads

If the beads that hold the liner in place pop out of the liner track, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Sometimes, this issue occurs well before the liner is due for replacement. If that’s the case, don’t try to correct the issue yourself; call your pool repair services company right away.


Fixing an off-track liner typically requires several hands and a special heating technique that allows the liner to stretch enough to get the beads back in place. If, on the other hand, your liner is several years old and the beads prove difficult to re-attach, swimming pool liner replacement is usually necessary.


Discoloration or Staining

If you notice discoloration on your liner, it may not be cause for immediate concern. Algae, other organic materials, minerals, and even chemicals in your water supply can cause minor staining on vinyl pool liners.


With the right approach, you or your pool maintenance tech should be able to lift most stains. If your pool liner is several years old and the discoloration won’t dissolve, it may be time to consider replacing the liner.


Tearing or Cracking

Though vinyl pool liners are built to withstand years of UV exposure and contact with pool chemicals, there isn’t a vinyl liner in the world that won’t eventually deteriorate. UV rays and sanitizing chemicals are harsh and over time, the liner may develop minor tears or cracks, which will allow water to leak from the pool.


If you can see significant tearing or cracking, schedule swimming pool liner replacement as soon as you can. If you can’t see this type of damage but the water level in your pool has dropped more than an inch, call a pool repair professional for an inspection. 


Schedule Pool Liner Replacement and Maintenance in the Twin Cities

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