If you’ve spent a cold season in the Twin Cities, you know Minnesota winters are among the harshest in the country. And while that means you must close up your outdoor pool, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to shut down your spa, too. The beauty of owning a spa is that you can enjoy its soothing and restorative benefits year round!


But if you are planning to keep your hot tub open throughout the snowy months, you must maintain it properly to avoid damaging it. Not sure how to do that? Check out our autumn and winter spa maintenance tips below.


Invest in a High-Quality Spa Cover

If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to purchase a well-insulated spa cover to keep snow out of the water and maintain its temperature. Remember to keep the cover on whenever the spa isn’t in use to prevent plumbing problems that can result from small pieces of ice circulating into the pipes.


Replace the Water in Autumn

Proper spa maintenance necessitates emptying and refilling the water at regular intervals. Typically, we recommend changing out the water every few months, but that depends on the type of spa you have. Newer spas may only need water refills twice a year, while older ones may require refills up to four times annually.


Before temperatures really start dropping, empty the water that’s currently in your hot tub and replace it with fresh water. Make sure you do this before it starts snowing as it’s much more challenging to replace the water once winter sets in.


Maintain Clean Water and Filters

Just as good spa maintenance requires that you clean your filters regularly during spring and summer, you must also stay on top of filter cleaning throughout autumn and winter. In autumn, take some time to deep clean your filter when you empty and refill the spa, and throughout winter, be sure to clean the filter every two weeks.


Monitor the Water Level

Perhaps the most important winter spa maintenance tip we can give you is to monitor the water level in your hot tub closely to ensure it never gets too low. If the water recedes too much, your spa pump could freeze and crack since water expands as it turns to ice.


Keep Warm Water Circulating

To help keep your spa plumbing in great condition even when temperatures drop well below freezing, you’ll want to make sure you’re circulating warm water through the pipes regularly. If your spa has a winter protection system, be sure to turn that on and you’ll be good to go.


If, however, you have an older spa or your newer spa doesn’t have a protection system installed, you’ll have to set your timer yourself. Program it to run for about 20 minutes every hour to keep the water warm and ready to go.


Want to shut down your spa for winter instead? Get in touch with our team to schedule your spa closing today.


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