You may not be going for a refreshing dip in your backyard pool this winter, but you still need to worry about pool safety throughout the snowy season. Although your pool might be completely closed, accidents are still possible, and accidental submersions do happen in winter even when there’s a layer of ice atop the water.

To help you keep your loved ones safe, our pool maintenance experts at Royal Pool & Spa are sharing a few simple tips for boosting swimming pool safety throughout the winter season. Check them out below!

Never Attempt to Walk on a Frozen Pool

Even if outdoor temperatures have been below zero for days on end, and you’re confident the water in your pool has a super-solid, thick layer of ice on top, do not try to walk on it. And if you have children, tell them to stay away from the pool, too.

Keep a close eye on kids when they’re playing out in the snow, as they are naturally curious and may attempt to play on the ice even if you instruct them not to.

Install a Safety Fence Around the Pool

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, you should seriously consider putting up a safety fence around your pool if you have kids. Even if the surface of the water might freeze completely, you should still implement this safety measure to prevent small humans from getting too close to the pool.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children aged one to four and the second-leading cause of death for kids aged five to 14.

Disassemble and Store Portable Pools

If your pool isn’t fixed in place, you should not leave it up during the winter season if you live in Minnesota or anywhere else that has snowy winters. No exceptions.

These types of pools are extremely flexible, making it all too easy for kids to climb onto or roll into. And if you don’t have a perimeter fence around your portable pool (most people don’t), the lack of fencing further increases the safety risk. 

Winter Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Above-Ground Pools

Own an above-ground pool? If it’s a portable pool, you’ll want to thoroughly clean it, drain water from the plumbing, and close it down for the winter season. Make sure you leave water in the pool since it helps maintain the integrity of the liner and protect it from cold-weather damage.

When you’re looking to enhance safety around a steel-sided, above-ground pool, here’s what you’ll want to do before winter weather sets in:

  • Remove any ladders attached to the pool or lock them so that no curious young people can use them to attempt to access the water.
  • If your pool has a complete deck, install a pool safety cover to prevent accidental falls and submersion.
  • Remove any objects from your yard that could be used as a step to access the water. 
  • If your pool has a complete deck, do your best to keep it free of snow and ice. Shovel frequently and, if necessary, apply salt to keep ice at bay.

Winter Swimming Pool Safety Measures for In-Ground Pools

If you own an in-ground pool, you’ll need to take different safety precautions since it’s far easier for someone to slip and accidentally fall into these types of pools.

To keep your loved ones safe this winter, make sure you:

  • Install a pool safety cover that’s designed to prevent accidental submersion beneath the water. Solid covers that require water bags are not meant to prevent accidental submersion, so keep that in mind!
  • Lock fence gates that you don’t use regularly.
  • Regularly inspect safety fencing around the pool for signs of damage or deterioration that necessitate repairs.

If you don’t use a pool safety cover and have a solid cover held down with water bags instead, consider implementing a pool alarm that will alert you to any disturbance the water experiences. You’ll also want to clear snow and ice off the cover regularly to make sure it doesn’t become partially submerged below the surface of the pool water.

Want to make sure your pool is properly winterized? Check out our swimming pool closing tips for some helpful advice!

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