Electric shock in swimming pools is more common than you think. Poor wiring, faulty GFCI receptacles, and bad design can all lead to injury and fatality for those in the water. For this reason, Royal Pool & Spa offers routine electrical inspections for both residential and commercial pools. If you have an inside pool during the winter, we recommend using that time to contact us so that we ensure your pool is safe to swim in. Our inspections are thorough, accurate, and quick.


What Are The Causes of Electrocution in Swimming Pools?

Many of the causes of electrocution in swimming pools go unnoticed until it happens. After all, in most swimming pools, the lines and cables are all buried or hidden behind a box. Some of the causes of electrocution are as follows:


●        Ground wires that come loose (usually attached to a transformer)

●        Corroded lights with loose wiring

●        Electrical wiring/outlets too close to the water

●        Old outlets not replaced by GFCI receptacles

●        Failure to bond seemingly unrelated metallic elements around the pool.


Inspections Reduce the Risk of Electrocution

Regular reviews by a licensed electrician can help reduce the risk of electrocutions at pools due to faulty or deteriorated electrical system components. We recommend that you evaluate the safety of the pool’s electrical systems on a regular basis. Although most electrical systems are comprehensively inspected at least once during the initial construction, we should assess your pool’s electrical system at least once a year.


We begin by making sure the wiring is up to Minneapolis building codes and OSHA standards. Keep in mind that only a licensed electrician can perform this work. All Royal Pool & Spa technicians are certified and have been trained in electrical wiring for residential and commercial pool facilities.


Have You Added Electrical Components to Your Pool?

A gap can occur in electrical inspections when installers add components to the facility. For instance, if you just installed new lights in the pool, the technicians may have completed the job without performing a full inspection to make sure it is safe. This is where we come in. We can inspect the lights and other components to make sure they are safe and up to code.


If it’s been a while since we’ve assessed your pool for safety, now is the time. By evaluating your pool, we can determine if it’s a safe and secure area for adults and children to swim in all year long. If you would like to schedule a pool inspection, contact Royal Pool & Spa today at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at Rps55155@gmail.com. We provide a wide range of services for pool owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.