Are you considering building a custom pool this year? Or perhaps you already own a pool but it’s due for a liner replacement? Either way, there are a few important things you should know to ensure you select the best swimming pool liner for your needs and budget. Read on to learn all about them!

Liner Material

When choosing a liner for your swimming pool, you essentially have two options: vinyl or tile. Vinyl liners are non-porous, so they may help you cut down on the quantity of pool chemicals you need to use to maintain clean, clear water. They also tend to be less pricey than tile liners, so if you’re working with a limited budget, vinyl may be the right option for you.

Tile liners, on the other hand, are known for their gorgeous aesthetic, lasting power, plethora of color and design options, and mildew/scum resistance. But because tile liner installation is a much more involved process than vinyl pool liner installation, tile liners are considerably more expensive. Materials costs also play into the additional expense, but given tile’s longer lifespan, it’s worth the investment if you have the budget for it. 

Liner Color

What kind of overall color do you want your pool to be? Deep blue? Beachy blue? Aqua? Something in the middle? You’ll want to determine your preferred color scheme before you select either a vinyl or tile liner, so you can choose the right color for the interior lining of the pool.

Keep in mind that while the swimming pool liner does play a role in the overall color of the pool interior and the appearance of the water, it’s not the only determiner of what the inside of the pool will ultimately look like. The color of the sky overhead will also play a role in the final color of the interior of the pool, and even the depth of the water can have an effect on the overall appearance.

Be aware that vinyl liners fade with time and exposure to the elements, whereas tile liners don’t experience quite so much fading. If you want to maintain a specific color within your pool, tile may be a better option for you if color retention is high on your must-have list.

Material Thickness

If you’re leaning towards a vinyl liner, you should know that the thicker a swimming pool liner is, the less vulnerable it is to puncture wounds that necessitate swimming pool liner repairs. Thicker material generally lasts longer, too, because it’s not as susceptible to natural wear-and-tear and deterioration.

But thicker vinyl liners do have one major drawback: When installed on a cool day, a thick vinyl liner will not be as pliable as a thinner one. Why does that matter? Because the less pliable a liner is, the further it must be stretched to fit the pool. And the more a liner must be stretched, the lower its lifespan may ultimately end up being.

Here’s the good news: You can avoid that issue entirely by preparing for your swimming pool liner installation properly. Check out the weather forecast for the day of the projected installation and make sure it’s not too chilly outside. Warm, wind-free days are the best days for vinyl pool liner installation, so keep that in mind.

Ease of Liner Maintenance

Last but definitely not least, think about how much pool maintenance you’re willing to undertake. If you plan to hire a pool maintenance team for routine cleanings and chemical balancing, you won’t have to worry about this at all.

However, if you plan to do your own pool maintenance, consider ease of cleaning when you’re weighing your liner options. You can consult with a swimming pool maintenance and/or installation expert to learn about the liner options that take the least labor and chemicals to keep clean.

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