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Pool Acid Washing Explained

Is your pool looking a bit dingy? Maybe you're dealing with stubborn green, yellow, or black spots or streaks that have grown over time. These issues typically develop in pools that aren't properly maintained, and when they show up, they can be tough, if not virtually impossible, to get rid of.

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How to Deal With Snow on Your Winter Pool Cover

If you own a pool in the Twin Cities area, you probably installed some type of winter cover during your swimming pool closing process. While that cover is designed to protect your pool and the safety of your household members, winter weather could end up damaging it and compromising its functionality if you're not careful.

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8 Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Renovations

Summer is almost here in the Twin Cities, which means pool season is right around the corner! But if your pool isn't in the greatest shape, whether because it's old or you've neglected routine pool maintenance, chances are you won't enjoy it as much as you could. 

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Have You Done Your Pool Electrical Inspections Lately?

Electric shock in swimming pools is more common than you think. Poor wiring, faulty GFCI receptacles, and bad design can all lead to injury and fatality for those in the water. For this reason, Royal Pool & Spa offers routine electrical inspections for residential and commercial pools.

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Why Pentair Is a Leading Brand for Pool Equipment

Are you thinking about custom, in-ground pool installation for your Twin Cities home? Or perhaps you need to repair or renovate your existing swimming pool? Regardless of whether you're putting a pool in the ground or working on the pool you already have, using quality products will ensure your pool equipment performs optimally and lasts as long as possible.

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How Late Can You Extend Pool Season in Minnesota?

Not quite ready to give up your pool time just yet? We get it! When you have a backyard oasis in a state where winter often seems endless, you probably anticipate pool season for months on end. And when summer seems to fly by too quickly, you might want to put off swimming pool closing for as long as possible. But how long can you extend pool season in Minnesota without putting your swimming pool at risk?

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Why Your Automatic Pool Cover Will Not Open or Close

We can inspect your pool to determine what the problem is. In most cases, the issues preventing your pool from moving are minor and can be fixed with relatively little effort. We can perform a quick automatic pool cover repair and get you back in the water. 

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The Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

Are you thinking about getting an automatic pool cover? At Royal Pool & Spa we can provide you with top of the line automatic pool covers to make maintaining your pool a breeze!

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Advantages & Drawbacks of Converting to a Saltwater Pool

If you’re considering a salt water pool, it’s important to know the pros and cons of installing a saline system. Click to learn what you need to know about salt water pool systems.

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The Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Pools have long been associated with chemicals and that ever present, "pool smell." It is hard to break free of the stigma, but it is possible with saltwater pools. Growing in popularity, a saltwater pool offers a safe, clean, and efficient alternative to chlorine or bromine pools. Below, let's examine just a few of the benefits of converting your pool to saltwater.

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